I unearth brands from the ground up, seeing the untapped creative potential in every project. I’m known for my consistent ability to pave the way, establishing clean, classic design, and raising the level of existing marketing or long-range, upscale brand building that generates revenue.

My strength and focus lies in the business of high-end luxury retail, home, lifestyle and gift, including children and adult categories. I’m passionate about color and trend forecasting and how it comes to market.

Using my knack for imagining creative solutions, I’m a strong creative director, art director, innovator, who creates desire factor. I offer an uncanny ability to zero in targeting original, out-of-the-box creative direction and enjoy using my sense of humor to produce the unexpected. Acting as a unifying force, I direct, hire, motivate, mentor, coach and nurture the best of in-house and outside creative talent while overseeing the big picture. I’m a fast-paced decision maker with exceptional planning and organizational skills.